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.- Second Barrier to Study

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 A gradient is a way of learning or doing something step by step. A gradient can be easy and each step can be done easily. Or a gradient can be hard and each step is difficult to do. …
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You learn how to do something by learning to do each part of it step by step. You go through the first step and learn how to do it. Then you go to the next step and learn how to do that. …
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If you hit a step that seems too hard to do or you feel you can't understand it, you have skipped a gradient. "Skipped" means left out or missed. If you don't fully understand a step of something you are learning or miss a step, you will have a skipped gradient. Skipping a gradient is a barrier to st…
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If you have skipped a gradient you may feel a sort of confusion or reeling. "Reeling" means moving or swaying like you might fall. …
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An example is a person trying to build something. He is confused and sort of reeling.   …
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There was too much of a jump because he did not understand what he was doing, and he jumped to the next thing and that step was too steep.   …
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He will think his trouble is with this new step. But it is not. His trouble is at the end of the step he thought he understood well. Find out what he thought he understood well just before he got all confused.   …
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You will find he did not really understand that step well. Get this step understood well,   …
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and he will be able to do the next step. The gradient is no longer skipped.   …
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