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Program Description

    The Hollywood Education & Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.) is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing ongoing one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for children, youth and their families, as well as instruction, training and internships for parents and volunteer tutors, all at no cost to participants. 

   The Hollywood Education & Literacy Project (H.E.L.P.) is dedicated to eradicating illiteracy by remedying the causes of educational problems through one-on-one personalized instruction and mentoring and is further committed to empowering individuals to become confident, independent learners by teaching them how to learn.  A further goal of H.E.L.P.’s is to be a program model for people to replicate in all types of settings, making literacy, learning and the tools to be successful in life available to students of all ages around the world and to promote volunteerism to empower people to improve their own communities. 

   From a grassroots beginning, H.E.L.P. has grown to assist community leaders in opening 25 additional H.E.L.P. centers since 1997 in high-risk, underserved areas such as Inglewood and South Central in California; Harlem and the Bronx in New York; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; and many more throughout the United States.  Internationally there are H.E.L.P. projects in Sussex, England.

   The key to H.E.L.P.’s success has been a tested, standard process that works by achieving consistent results. Our Student and Tutor training lineups were developed and painstakingly tested. Extensive research and evaluation was conducted on the available local programs and a large body of data on literacy curricula, after school and mentoring programs. While the program is delivered in group and one-on-one settings, all the tutoring is delivered individually to each student. With the customized educational case study for each participant, all the tutoring is directed straight at the heart of the problem no matter the tutor or setting – the student gets all the help he needs to rehabilitate his education.

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A.Introduction to the Program
D.Scheduling—Access to the Program
E.Individual Programming
F.Program Components
 English as a Second Language
 Subject Matter Word Clearing
 The H.E.L.P. Literacy Course
 Remedial Reading 
 How to Demonstrate Anything 
 Learning How to Learn
 Communicating is Fun
 How to Use a Dictionary
 Grammar and Communication
 Basic Math Tutoring 
 The Way to Happiness

G.  Retesting
I. Tutors


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