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Basic Math Tutoring Basic Math Tutoring
 • Basic Math Tutoring:  The student is given one-on-one tutoring in math while clearing up any misunderstood words or symbols along the way.  Mathematics is just precise thinking.  Using mathematics the mind abstracts and solves complex problems, and then translates those solutions back into concrete terms.  Therefore, mathematics is a requisite to functioning in a modern …
Communicating is Fun Communicating is Fun
 vCommunicating is Fun:  This course is done with many practical drills that enable the student to effectively communicate with anyone.  This is of vital importance in retaining a job or getting along in life.  For example, when given instructions that he does not understand, he is able to communicate effectively with his senior and get the understanding needed to complete the job. …
English as a Second Language English as a Second Language
 English as a Second Language:  Listening, understanding, reading and writing skills.  Focus is on verbal as well as basic literacy skills.   …
Grammar and Communication Grammar and Communication
 Grammar and Communication:  Proper grammar is very important in order to communicate or comprehend an idea or convey a thought successfully.  This course eliminates the complexities giving the student a clear understanding of grammar and its everyday use.   …
How to Demonstrate Anything How to Demonstrate Anything
 •How to Demonstrate Anything:  Gives the student the ability to work out concepts and instructions by showing him a practical way of objectively demonstrating them to the student himself or to others.   …
How to Use a Dictionary How to Use a Dictionary
 How to Use a Dictionary:  This simple course explains and demonstrates all the parts to a dictionary, its format, symbols, marks and pronunciations in a way that allows the student to understand and embrace this vital tool as a “friend.”  Dictionary literacy is an essential skill because one of the most insidious barriers to learning is the misunderstood word. …
Learning How to Learn Learning How to Learn
 •Learning How to Learn:  Once the student’s basic literacy skills are up to par, this course is undertaken to teach him how to study. This segment educates the student about specific Barriers to Study that everyone encounters while studying. Barriers are things that get in your way or stop your progress.  There are three different sets of physiological and mental reactions tha…
Remedial Reading Remedial Reading
 •Remedial Reading:  This is used where a participant is in need of improving his general reading ability for the purpose of acquiring the skill needed in today’s school and job environment.  A tutor/mentor will work with the student to bring him up to full literacy.   …
SThe H.E.L.P. Literacy Course SThe H.E.L.P. Literacy Course
 •The H.E.L.P. Literacy Course:  Those with little or no ability to read or write are started with an extremely effective phonics based literacy course.  This course has been designed so those tutors/mentors with a minimum of training can teach anyone of any age how to read and write in a relatively short period of time.   …
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