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.- Third Barrier to Study

Pag: 10 (Third Barrier) Pag: 10 (Third Barrier)
 A misunderstood word can make you seem silly.  It can stop you from doing the things you are studying about. …
Pag: 11 (Third Barrier) Pag: 11 (Third Barrier)
 It can make you want to stop studying. …
Pag: 12 (Third Barrier) Pag: 12 (Third Barrier)
 The way to handle this barrier is to look earlier in what you were reading for a misunderstood word.  Go back to before you got into trouble, …
Pag: 13 (Third Barrier) Pag: 13 (Third Barrier)
 find the misunderstood word and look it up in a dictionary.   A dictionary is a word book. A dictionary contains the meanings of words and other information about them. A dictionary can be used to find out what a word means, how to say a word, how to spell a…
Pag: 14 (Third Barrier) Pag: 14 (Third Barrier)
 Symbols can be misunderstood in the same way that words can be misunderstood. A symbol is a mark or sign that means something.   …
Pag: 15 (Third Barrier) Pag: 15 (Third Barrier)
  So if you are feeling blank,   or tired, …
Pag: 16 (Third Barrier) Pag: 16 (Third Barrier)
 or not there, or worried and upset while you are studying, it is always because of a misunderstood word or symbol.   …
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